Higher Resource Sheet

You can download the Higher History Resource Sheet here: Higher History Assignment Resource Sheet



National 5 Assignment

As we get closer to the National 5 Assignment write up (9th/10th December) , you should be planning your essays using the official resource sheet.  You may either type up or print off your copy here:


REMEMBER that you cannot simply write chunks of your essay onto your plan.  Copying large amount of text from your plan will result in no marks being awarded.

If you require extra help with your assignment, there will be staff available at lunchtimes and after school.


Well done to all the S4, S5 and S6 pupils who sat their exam on Wednesday May 7th!!

Intermediate 1

Intermediate 2

National 5


Advanced Higher


All did very well and we are sure their results will reflect this! Well done for all the hard work!! 




It is crunch time now 4th year you must ensure that you are up to date with all your NATIONAL 4 and NATIONAL 5 assessments by March 28th!!!

It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to check with your teacher and to get up to date!!